Value-for-money strategy

Unlocking the Potential: How Creditable Offers Unbeatable Value for Money in Digital Publishing

Value-for-money strategy

Unlocking the Potential: How Creditable Offers Unbeatable Value for Money in Digital Publishing

Value-for-money strategy


In the fast-paced world of digital publishing, the pursuit of new readers is a constant challenge. Publishers worldwide are exploring innovative strategies to attract subscribers, such as offering lower-priced subscriptions, all-you-can-read models, and enticing trial subscriptions. These approaches have proven successful in drawing readers in, but the real question is: do these new subscribers stick around?

The Homogenized Landscape of Digital Publishing

The digital publishing landscape is witnessing a remarkable trend – publishers adopting similar strategies, mirroring one another's pricing models, and refraining from distinguishing themselves. It's a paradox in a world built on creativity and individuality. But there's hope on the horizon, and Creditable is here to lead the way.

The All-You-Can-Read Approach

One promising strategy that has gained traction is the "all-you-can-read" subscription model, often introduced with an enticing entry fee. It's undoubtedly an effective approach to converting readers into subscribers. However, it doesn't capture the entire spectrum of potential readers interested in your content. Moreover, current subscribers may perceive that they are paying more for their subscriptions compared to the minimal entry fee, which can lead to concerns about the value they receive from their commitment. Additionally, the adoption of these new subscription models may inadvertently decrease the customer value for your current subscribers.

Creditable: A Fresh Perspective

Let's dive into why Creditable is a valuable addition to your current model:

  1. Pay-Per-Article: An Evolution
    Creditable takes the pay-per-article concept to the next level, introducing a modern, streamlined pay-per-article system that not only addresses the shortcomings of older models, such as the one pioneered by Blendle, but also represents a significant evolution in this approach.
  2. Embracing Casual Readers
    While a low-cost subscription entry point is effective, it doesn't reach all potential readers interested in your titles. Creditable is designed for casual readers who don't want an additional subscription but occasionally desire premium content without being deterred by paywalls. Research indicates that the casual reader demographic is often way larger than the potential subscriber pool. Why leave them untapped?
  3. Additional Revenue Stream and Breeding Ground for Subscribers
    Creditable functions as an additional revenue stream that doesn't impact your existing subscriber base. It provides an alternative option for readers without the risk of churn. By welcoming casual readers through Creditable, you can address a broader audience and potentially convert them into new subscribers.
  4. Optimizing the Paywall Experience
    We understand that you're actively working to optimize the user experience around your paywall. Creditable seamlessly integrates with your existing system, offering readers an alternative way to access individual articles.
  5. Timing and Innovation
    The digital publishing world is in a constant state of evolution. By staying ahead of new trends and technologies, you can maintain a competitive edge. Creditable offers an innovative approach that gives readers the freedom to pay for what they read, without obligations.

Embrace Change with Creditable

Implementing a new approach requires careful consideration, and we respect your decision-making process. However, we're eager to collaborate with you and demonstrate how Creditable can add value to your current model.
If you're open to further discussion or a detailed platform demonstration, our team is at your disposal. We look forward to potential future conversations about the opportunities Creditable offers to attract and retain readers in new and exciting ways.

Conclusion: Expand Your Horizons with Creditable

The digital publishing landscape may be homogenized at times, but with Creditable, you have the chance to stand out. Embrace innovation, cater to the diverse needs of your readership, and capture the hearts of both subscribers and casual readers. The future of publishing is here, and it's in your hands. Join us in the journey to redefine digital publishing for the better.