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Where can I pay with credits?

You can pay with credits at all newspapers and magazines affiliated with Creditable.

How can I pay with credits?

As soon as you hit the paywall, you can either choose to subscribe to that newspaper or magazine (to access all of their articles) or pay via Creditable for just that one article. If you only want to pay for that one article, simply click on the Creditable button. Credits will then be debited from your Creditable balance, and you can get started immediately on reading the article!

How can I buy credits?

As soon as you create an account at Creditable, you can buy credits. There are several bundles available to choose from. Have you run out of credits? It’s completely up to you whether or not you buy a new bundle of credits.

How many credits does an article cost?

The publisher of the newspaper or magazine who owns the article you’re after decides how many credits viewing it will cost. This is entirely their choice, and will vary - Creditable has absolutely no influence on this.

What does a single credit cost?

The price for a single credit depends on which bundle you choose. On choosing a larger bundle, the price of a single credit will be cheaper than if you’d bought a smaller bundle. 

How long are credits valid?

Your purchased credits are valid indefinitely. However, your Creditable account is valid for 1 year. When you make a payment using credits, your account is automatically renewed for 1 year from that date.

Can I top up my bundle of credits automatically?

No, it’s not yet possible to automatically top up your credits. At Creditable there are no ties or automatic renewals. Are all your credits spent? Then it’s entirely up to you whether to buy a new bundle or not.

Why do I have to pay to read an article?

Authors and journalists, with all due diligence, put long hours and extensive research into their articles. It’s only fair to reimburse them for costs incurred in their hard work. Normally, to view an article, you’d have to take out a subscription for that newspaper or magazine. Through Creditable an new extra service has been added: you no longer have to take out a subscription, you can just pay for the article you’re interested in.

Can I get a refund if an article does not meet my expectations?

The number of Credits you pay for an article is determined by the newspaper or magazine itself. The content of an article is also determined by the publisher. Creditable has absolutely no influence on this. If an article did not meet your expectations, we’re incredibly sorry, however, credits will not be refunded.

How long do I have access to an article?

The publisher of the newspaper or magazine determines how long you’ll have access to an article. In the Creditable app you can see how long you have left to view the article. If you no longer have access to an article, you can pay to view it again using credits.

I read articles at many different newspapers and magazines: is Creditable suitable for me?

Yes, Creditable was created exactly for you! You don’t have to subscribe to different newspapers and magazines, but through Creditable, you can still view articles. If it turns out that you read a lot of articles from one particular newspaper or magazine, we’ll let you know, so you could consider getting a subscription. The choice is always yours!

I don’t read many articles: is Creditable suitable for me?

Yes, Creditable is also perfect for you! You decide how many credits you buy. If you don’t read much, you can buy a small bundle. Your credits are valid indefinitely, but your account at Creditable is only valid for 1 year. To keep your account active, you’ll have to view an article using credits, at least once a year.

I often read articles at the same newspaper or magazine: is Creditable suitable for me?

Creditable could be of great use to you if you’re not yet ready to take out a subscription. With Creditable you pay per article, and there’s no tie ins. If the cost of the credits you use turns out to be higher than the cost of a subscription to the newspaper or magazine in question, you may want to consider taking out a subscription. For a subscription we refer you to the publisher of the newspaper or magazine.

My news feed often shows me premium articles: is Creditable suitable for me?

If, for example, your Google newsfeed often shows premium articles, Creditable is perfect for you. You can still read the article by paying with credits. You don’t have to create an account or subscribe to the news provider. This is fine, but paying with credits is way easier. You’re always in control, and never tied into anything!

Do I always have to login to pay with credits?

Yes, you must always be logged in to pay with credits from Creditable. If you’re not logged in, the Creditable button on the payment wall will display as blue. After logging in, the button will be green and your credit balance will be visable.

Why am I always logged in, even when I’m visiting the websites of other newspapers or magazines?

Once you’ve logged into Creditable, your device will remember this for other websites. This makes things easy, because if you come up against a pay wall, you’re able to get immediate access to the article, simply by clicking the Creditable button. This means you don’t have drop everything and go to log in before you’re able to continue. You’ll always clearly see your current credit balance before you decide to press the Creditable button to pay.

How long is my account valid?

Your Creditable account is valid for 1 year. When you decide to pay for an article using credits, your account term will immediately be renewed for 1 more full year. So, making sure you pay for an article with Credits at least once a year will keep your account and Credit balance fully active.

What happens if I don't renew my account?

If you decide not to pay for any articles with credits for 1 full year, your account will be deleted. Don’t worry, we’ll email you to warn you before any account deletion actually happens. If you don’t want your account to be terminated, you’ll have to pay for an article using credits as soon as possible. If you decide not to take action, your account will be deleted and any credits will expire. Upon account deletion your expired credits will not be refunded.

How can I log in or out?

You find a button on the Creditable website that allows you to log in or out any time. 

How can I delete my Creditable account?

You can delete your Creditable account in two ways: either directly through the App or by using the contact form on our website.

1. Deleting your account via the App:

  • Log in to the App;
  • Tap on the user icon located in the top right corner;
  • Click on your avatar to access the user menu;
  • Select "My Profile" to view your profile details;
  • Go to the "Account" tab within your profile;
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on "Delete your account";
  • Confirm your decision to delete the account;
  • You will be automatically logged out once the account is deleted.

2. Deleting your account via the contact form:

  • Navigate to the contactform on the Creditable website; 
  • Fill in your details in the required fields
  • Enter the email address associated with your Creditable account;
  • Choose "delete my account" as the subject;
  • Submit the contact form;
  • Our support team will send you an email to confirm the deletion;
  • After your confirmation, we will proceed with the deletion of your account;
How can I delete my personal information from Creditable?

The primary information we require for using our app is the email address you registered with.
To delete this information, you need to delete your account.

If you've added additional personal information to your profile, you can delete it at any time through the App:

Deleting personal information from your profile via the App:

  • Log in to the App. 
  • Tap on the user icon in the top right corner. 
  • Click on your avatar to access the user menu. 
  • Select "My Profile." 
  • If you have added extra personal information, you can remove it by clearing the respective fields. 
  • Alternatively, you can use the "Delete personal information" button at the bottom of the profile form to remove all additional personal information at once.
How can I download the app?

You can download the app from the App store and from the Play store.

What's available to see in the app?

The Creditable app keeps track of all of the articles you’ve read. You’ll see exactly how long you have access to each of your purchased articles too. You can also see your current credit balance and your full purchase history.

For which devices is the app available?

The Creditable app is available for smartphones with Android or IOS.

How does Creditable work?

If you find an article you’d really like to read, but encounter a paywall, Creditable can help. If you are logged in to your Creditable account you’ll see a green button. You’ll also see how many credits you have in your current credit balance, and exactly how many credits it will cost to view the article. Is this the article you’ve been looking for? No problem! Simply press the button, and get immediate access to your article.

If you are not logged in to Creditable, the button will display as blue. You can either log in or create a new account. If the button is orange, that means you do not have enough credits available to be able to read the article, and you’ll have to purchase more credits.

Can I try Creditable for free?

Yes you can! When you create your new Creditable account, we’ll gift you 10 free credits to get you started. This lets you try the service out completely free!

Why was Creditable created?

To read premium news and articles at newspapers or magazines you usually have to pay. You hit a paywall where the publisher will usually offer you a subscription. But sometimes you don’t need or want a subscription. What if you only want to read that one article? Creditable is the perfect solution!

You just pay to view that one article using credits from Creditable. Your credits are valid with loads of publishers, so you can pick and choose the very best articles from lots of different newspapers and magazines. And if it happens that you keep coming back to one particular newspaper or magazine, you can always consider taking out a subscription. 

Why are so many newspapers and magazines affiliated with Creditable?

We live times in which fake news and disinformation are commonly spread. We think it’s really important to be able to give readers more choice over which (news) sources they decide to read articles from. Creditable’s pay per article system makes it easier to check opposing media viewpoints, so readers can make up their own minds about whose ‘truth’ is actually true.

That is why several large publishers are affiliated with Creditable, so that you have the widest possible choice of media titles.

Why is the Creditable button on the paywall blue?

If the Creditable button is displaying blue, that means you’re not logged in. Either log in to your account, or create a new account if you don’t have one yet.

Why is the Creditable button on the paywall orange?

If the Creditable button is displaying orange, that means you don’t have enough credits available to view the article. Don’t worry! You can easily buy new credits by clicking the orange button.

I can’t find the answer to my question!

Have you read through the frequently asked questions and couldn't find a suitable answer? Please contact us with your query via the contact form.

What is Creditable?

Creditable is your gateway to flexible access to online articles worldwide! Tired of running into paywalls or being forced to subscribe to access the content you love? We've got you covered.

With Creditable, you can now unlock premium articles from your favorite publishers using our simple credit system. Buy bundles of credits and spend them on the articles you're most interested in, without the commitment of a full subscription. Our user-friendly system ensures that you remain on the publisher's website, allowing you to enjoy a seamless reading experience.