Flexible access to online articles.

Do you want to read premium news or articles, usually only available to subscribers? Use Creditable and pay per article!

Mobile Phone with Creditable App


Decide which articles you want to read online, choose from many newspapers and magazines worldwide.


Whether you browse a lot or a little, you’re not restricted or tied in to any subscriptions with Creditable.


Decide how and when to spend your credits, and if and when to buy new ones. You are the one in control.

What is Creditable?

Simply pay per article!

Through Creditable you get access to premium online news and articles from all over the world. Simply pay for an article you’d like to read using your credits. You’re not tied into anything. Just visit the website of your favourite newspaper or magazine and click on the ‘Creditable’ button to pay.

You choose how many articles to read, and you only ever pay for the ones you actually view. Run out of credits? It’s up to you whether you want to buy more. You can’t get more flexible than that!

Creditable credits are valid with many publishers worldwide, so, you can view articles from newspapers, magazines, journals and other publications from all around the globe.

Creditable pay per article
Creditable gives access to high quality articles

Why Creditable?

Flexible access to high-quality articles!

Authors and journalists put in a lot of hard work and research hours when composing an article. Long or in-depth articles take a lot more time, effort and money to write than short posts. It’s really only fair to reimburse that effort and cost incurred.

Via Creditable your favourite newspaper or magazine offers an extra service: you don't have to take out a subscription if you don't want to yet because you just pay per article.

The price of an article is determined by its publisher. This makes sure the publisher or author gets paid a fair price for their high quality, premium news and articles. And now you can read them instantly with no subscription needed.
A win-win situation for all!

Free trial

Create an account at Creditable and instantly receive 10 free credits.
This lets you try Creditable out totally free!

How much does a credit cost?

Credits are sold as bundles. The bigger the bundle, the better the value!
When you run out of credits, you can buy another bundle of credits quickly and easily. This way, you’ll always keep track of exactly how much you’re spending.

10 credits

TINY bundle
  • Only € 0,10 per credit!
  • Flexible reading credit

100 credits

SMALL bundle
  • Only € 0,08 per credit!
  • Flexible reading credit

200 credits

MEDIUM bundle
  • Only € 0,07 per credit!
  • Flexible reading credit
  • Most popular!

500 credits

LARGE bundle
  • Only € 0,06 per credit!
  • Flexible reading credit

How does Creditable work?

Simply click, pay and you'll have instant access!

Affiliated newspapers and magazines will display a Creditable button on their pay wall. 

If you’re logged in to Creditable you’ll see a green button. You’ll also be able to see exactly how many credits the article costs, and how many credits you have left. If you’ve found what you’re looking for and want to read the article, simply press the button and you’ll have instant access! It’s really that easy!

If you’re not logged in to Creditable, the button will display as blue. You can either log in, or create a new account. If the button is orange, that means you don't have enough credits to be able to read the article, and you’ll have to top up your credits to get access.

Frequently asked questions
At Creditable you click then pay and get access to online articles
The Creditable app brings all read articles together

Creditable app

All your read articles together!

You can find all of your viewed articles in your Creditable app.

You can also create your own personal profile, view your current credit balance easily, buy new credits, and gain valuable insight into your own reading behaviour!

The app is available for Android and IOS.

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